Cryotherapy for musculoskeletal tumor



Cryo-Gel system is designed for cryotherapy to treat tiny, residual tumor cells in bone defect area after tumor curettage procedure.

UVC liquid nitrogen

Liquid-state cryogen at a temperature of -196℃ with high freezing efficiency


Cryo-Distribution kit (optional) provide a proper amount of cryogen with a safer and easier way

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Innovative solutions for bone tumor treatment

CRYORTH BioMed started from a team of clinical research, and actively recruited doctors, biomedical engineers and regulation partners. We dedicate ourselves to developing prior cryosurgical devices and solutions for bone tumor treatment.

We’ve gained a lot of experience in clinical issues and medical device development over the years. There were many excellent achievements in the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) programs and national accelerators. We keep focusing on medical unmet needs of cryosurgery and listening about professionals’ experience. We strive for improving products efficiency to solve surgical problems and offer these medical devices with high safety and user-friendly design.